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Xian lends her expertise to ensure that corporations and cultural institutions operate with inclusivity and at the forefront of innovation. Xian serves as an ongoing partner and advisor on the AT&T Advisory Panel on Access and Aging (AAPAA), Cooper Hewitt’s Accessibility Advisory Board, Open Style Lab at Parsons, and ReelAbilities Film Festival (where she is also a film selection committee member). She was also invited to serve the U.N. NGO Committee on Education, Learning and Literacy, and the American Institute of Architects (AIA) NY, consulting on accessibility and representation for an upcoming inclusive exhibit Reset: Toward A New Commons. Additionally, she has advised Microsoft, Chubb, the Whitney Museum, Cerebral Palsy Foundation, and various non-profits. Most recently, she was invited to join the board of New York Tech Alliance.

Accessible Design & Fashion Solutions
Disability Representation
Sensitivity Reading
Accessibility determines who can fully participate in the lives and in the world. Designing for accessibility is an opportunity to connect with and empower the 1.3 Billion people with disabilities globally.

Usability & Accessible Design

Assistive Technology

Xian served as the exemplar and judge of the AT&T NYU ConnectAbility Challenge. The project was a masterclass of collaborative innovation toward the creation of assistive technology and was celebrated at the 2018 ADAPT Leadership Awards Gala.

Accessible Fashion Solutions

Xian’s adaptive design journey started in 2016 when she was made a couture garment at Parsons through Open Style Lab and has served as an advisor ever since. In 2017 and 2018, she was designed for again in “Design for Disability” with the Cerebral Foundation and got to work with Anna Sui and Derek Lam. In 2020, Xian worked with Zappos Adaptive and walked the runway for NY Fashion Week wearing adaptive clothing that was helpful given her dexterity issues.

Xian wearing clothing with hidden adaptive features in the form of aligned secure magnets instead of buttons, and Seven7 jeans with hidden Velcro and zippers at the sides

Xian Horn on the CP Foundation Design for Disability runway wearing a custom-made silk top and skirt, holding ski poles, smiling at the camera.

Xian Horn on the Cerebral Palsy Foundation Design for Disability runway

Xian was one of the three people designed for by Parson's Open Style Lab in its inaugural semester. Above is the Xian Coat, a rain-proof coat with customized accessibility features informed by Xian's experience and input.

The Xian Coat: a rain-proof coat with customized accessibility features designed by Parson’s Open Style Lab, informed by Xian’s experience and input.

Accessibility is Beautiful Universal Homes Look Book & Panel

Xian had the pleasure of serving on a steering committee for the Chubb and CP Foundation project. She served as the editor of the Look Book for accessible homes and a speaker at the award-winning panel in connection with the project for the American Institute of Architects, NY.

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Disability Representation

Just because a film or a brand features disability, doesn’t mean that they are moving disability narratives, rights, and advocacy forward.

Xian is committed to ensuring that film, media, the beauty industry, and brand narratives are representative of the genuine, wide-ranging experiences of people with disabilities.

Xian’s mission is to support more brands and industries in recognizing the disability community as viable consumers. In her work with the ReelAbilities Film Festival, the Casting Society of America, Forbes, Allure, and POPSUGAR Beauty, Xian has pushed for more authentic representation to see more rich and untold stories in print and on-screen.

Sensitivity Reading

While good intentions are a great start, they are not enough. Xian can help you create a clear and inviting message to ensure your project, mission, or campaign has powerful, accessible language, and the most universal reach.

Xian takes joy in helping corporations and non-profits use their platform to communicate beautifully and effectively. Together, we can create the most inclusive, practical strategies, and powerful narratives that reach soul-deep and inspire brand confidence.

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