Disability Representation

Xian is committed to ensuring that film, media, the beauty industry, and brand narratives are representative of the genuine, wide-ranging experiences of people with disabilities.

Xian’s mission is to support more brands and industries in recognizing the disability community as viable consumers. In her work with the ReelAbilities Film Festival, the Casting Society of America, Forbes, Allure, and POPSUGAR Beauty, Xian has pushed for more authentic representation to see more rich and untold stories in print and on-screen. She has written articles for Forbes and interviewed the trailblazers of disability representation.

Disability representation matters because for decades people look to see themselves reflected on every platform and yet we have such a long way to go. Just because a film or a brand features disability, doesn’t mean that they are moving disability narratives, rights, and advocacy forward.


Sensitivity Reading

While good intentions are a great start, they are not enough. Xian can help you create a clear and inviting message to ensure your project, mission, or campaign has powerful, accessible language, and the most universal reach.

Xian takes joy in helping corporations and non-profits use their platform to communicate beautifully and effectively. Together, we can create the most inclusive, practical strategies, and powerful narratives that reach soul-deep and inspire brand confidence.

Photo Credit: Ken Pao

Humanist, Beauty and Disability Advocate, Forbes Contributor, Teacher

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