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Xian has been blogging for over a decade. She believes that writing can be a vessel toward action, change, and unity. In addition to writing about leadership empowerment and disability at Forbes, Xian has published in Arianna Huffington’s Thrive Global, and Positively Positive – a community of over 2.5 million readers. For writing inquiries, please email contact@xianhorn.com

selected publications

Judy Heumann: Never Really Gone; A Legend’s Life and Legacy

I have never lived in a world where Judy Heumann, Queen Mother to the Disability Rights Movement, didn’t exist. Nor would I have wanted to…

Forbes – Troy Kotsur: Risk Taker, Master Storyteller And Awards Season Darling

Troy Kotsur, down to his marrow, is a born storyteller; he is fully committed and engaged in the present moment whether in conversation or acting on stage and screen. The level of comfort he possesses in his body captivates anyone watching. Most of the world at large may not have heard of him until Apple+’s heartfelt coming-of-age film, CODA (an acronym for Children of Deaf Adults)…

Marlee Matlin
Forbes – Marlee Matlin: Trailblazer and Queen of Hearts

Marlee Matlin is an American actress, author, producer, and deaf activist.  For decades, she has captivated the public with her incredible acting ability, poise, beauty, and humor…the humor of someone secure in her own skin and someone able to rise regally above the audism and ableism

Architectural Digest – Design For All: Transforming the Way We Think About Inclusion, Identity, and Accessible Spaces

When I was growing up, it seemed disabled folks like myself (and anyone considered “different”) were expected to make sacrifices to adapt to their environment—rather than having the environment welcome us fully. As a disability advocate …

Allure – Is the Beauty Industry Glossing Over Disability?  

As marketing moves to be more inclusive, people with visible disabilities are still largely missing from mainstream beauty ads. Teacher and advocate Xian Horn discusses the changes she hopes the industry makes next…

Forbes – Second Class Citizens? What Does The MTA Really Think Of People With Disabilities?

In November of 2019, it was announced that the MTA planned to restrict the same day e-hail pilot, turning it from unlimited access to an unconscionable 16 rides a month (just 8 round trips) and only up to a $15 subsidy, an embarrassment for the city that says it wants to be “the most accessible city in the world.”

ForbesThe One Barrier To Employment No One Thinks About Unless It’s Happened To You (And The Good News)

Finding solutions to the fashion needs of the disability community which constitutes 1 in 4 adults (61 million) in the United States is a broad yet largely untapped market, and ultimately benefits both the company and their customers…

Forbes – Uber Has Left Us Behind: A Call To Care and Action

I wrote Uber a message explaining that we were refused on the basis of disability. Uber and others may place blame on drivers, but I hold rideshare companies responsible for refusing to see their larger responsibilities toward informing and educating drivers in serving the Disability Community…

Thrive Global – Fully Me (A Celebration)

My parents didn’t care if I was Jewish enough or Chinese enough, or even disabled enough. They always reminded me that I was MYSELF and that was MORE than enough…

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