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Xian turned toward the camera smiling standing on the runway in a sustainable silk top and tencel skirt, holding her iridescent ski poles.

Xian has been featured in The White House Blog’s Women Working To Do Good series, NPR, Forbes, Fortune, Fast Company, Bloomberg, Barnard Center for Research On Women, NBC News, Yahoo News, Fox 5 and NY1, among others. Xian starred in the Starlight Children’s Foundation’s PSA, and Give Actually campaign. Xian was named Women’s eNews’ 21 Leaders for the 21st Century, honored in Walker’s Legacy Power 15 and National Disability Mentoring Coalition’s Hall of Fame, and will receive the 2021 Positive Exposure Rising Leader award.

Xian smiling at the camera standing in a white blouse with her ski poles.

The Beautiful Side Of Disability

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When asked to think about diversity, most people tend to think about race and gender. One type of “underrepresented minority” that is often overlooked – in spite of often being as visible as gender or skin color – are the individuals living with genetic, physical, behavioral or intellectual differences…

Accessible Design is the Pinnacle of Good Design—And It’s for Everyone

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Disabilities activist Xian Horn explains the importance of beautiful, accessible design in public spaces.

Over 6,473 people so far supported Xian’s petition for stopping proposed cuts to a life-changing same-day transportation solution for the disabled. We are at a pivotal point in history where we will define how people with disabilities will be treated for generations. We will either slide backward or catapult forward and inspire all to join us. #AccessARights #EquitableTransportation4All

Bronx Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz, who will carry a bill to preserve the program for two more years, said: “In a city where our mass transit system is too often inaccessible to people with disabilities, it is essential that we ensure our paratransit service is enabling all New Yorkers to move around our city with ease and efficiency,”

Humanist, Beauty and Disability Advocate, Forbes Contributor, Teacher

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